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  in my kitchen! 

Raafat, you are a restaurant owner, you have just moved to Puteaux, but who are you really?


Raafat:I don't see myself as a "restorer" in the basic sense of the word. I am above all a man, who loves my family, who loves life and sharing. For me, cooking is above all about sharing. My cuisine is not an intellectual cuisine. It's a real, authentic, tasty and generous cuisine. I think that we can, that we must be able to share a moment of happiness while looking at each other eye to eye, in front of a plate of pasta, a drizzle of olive oil, a few shavings of parmesan and a leaf of basil. Or in front of a large plate of charcuterie, a good bottle of wine, with friends. This is the kitchen that looks like me. It's a plate and a lot of happiness in it, to nourish the body and the heart.


But there are already a lot of restaurants in Puteaux. Why one more?

Raafat:I didn't open a restaurant! (laughs) I opened my heart and my kitchen to all those who share my values, all those who are hungry for good food and love (my secret ingredient!). It's not just another restaurant, it's finally a place to recharge your batteries, share slices of life and enjoy yourself.


Thank you Raafat for your sincerity and see you soon around a good plate!

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