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Chapter IV - The Treasury

While everything suggested that the inevitable could no longer be stopped, Mr. and Mrs. Sadek discovered an invaluable treasure. If I had to describe it to you, I would say that it is as captivating and elusive as the dancing flame of a chimney fire warming the logis, as pure as an ice crystal with a thousand sparkling reflections , as powerful and uncontrollable as a raging tornado, as deep as the most unfathomable depths of our oceans. And yet this treasure does not occupy a thousandth of the space necessary for all that has just been mentioned. In fact, as if to better sow us and let us wander, doubtless to put on the mysterious clothes of an object of as much rarity as it is exceptional, this treasure has no physical materiality of its own. It is only incarnation in geographical places that no more elaborate map or system  can indicate.


This treasure, my friends, this treasure I finally tell you, it was revealed to me by those who found it. Mr and Mrs Sadek gave themselves up to me,  with all simplicity, humility and emotion. The priceless wealth they reported had a name, I still remember it. This name was simple. Yours. It's you they kept talking about. Your presence by their side, when everything was going wrong around you, your unfailing patience, when  you stayed for an hour waiting for your order, on the sidewalk, to finally encourage them with a smile warm and full of humanity before finding yours. From you who gave your time, your kindness and your financial support, it must be notified, so that the next chapters of the History of Mr. and Mrs. Sadek can now be written in the present, but also in the future.

Thank you for making your heart  beat to the rhythm of an Italian melody whose next notes will be written with you and for you.

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